About Me

I graduated from the London Centre for Contemporary Music with a Bachelor of Music Performance and Production. I am now doing a MA in Creative Entrepreneurship and developing the next generation of music software while taking part in many musical projects. I currently live in Geneva but work all over Europe.

I play the drums, percussion, piano and bass professionally. I also DJ, arrange and compose my own music. My favourite genres are Jazz, Hip-Hop, Classical and Electronic.
I also love travelling and have developed a strong interest for what we tend to call “World Music”, an immense universe of sounds that I love to explore and develop, through the study of traditions and a first-hand experience of the local cultures behind the music.

I also have skills ranging from video production to web development, which I keep working on every day through creative projects as well as contractual work.
I like to learn new things every day and share my knowledge with others. I teach music and music theory on a regular basis in both private and public context.

You can find more about me by getting in touch through my contact page.

Jean-Loup Didelot